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Forums Guidelines (Please read before Posting)
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* January 02, 2013, 08:06:16 AM
Forums Guidelines

Create new topics on the appropriate board:

If you are having problems with a specific tool create a new topic in the problems board.

Search before you post:

Once we get rolling many topics may have already been discussed.  If you are researching a particular topic, utilize the search function to look for posts with relevant information.

Who are you replying to:

When replying to a specific statement be sure to quote the previous post.

When in doubt create a new topic:

Be sure your post is relevant to the current discussion.  Create a new topic within the appropriate board if you are unsure.

Use your real name:

While much of the internet is anonymous we would like to get to know each other.  Though this is not a requirement please use you real name in your signature.  Many users may not feel comfortable replying to your alias.

Be courteous to others:

Please conduct yourself in a professional manor.  Please refrain from personal attacks, offensive language, etc…  If you feel a post is inappropriate please use the report to moderator link found in every post.

Be specific:

When posting a problem be sure to include which version you are using.  Give as much information as possible.  If the problem is with a specific file be sure to attache it to your post.

Remember why we are here:

The purpose of these forums is to discuss TurboAPPS.  Please keep the discussion of other products to compatibility issues or how the other software’s can be used with TurboAPPS.